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Our Story

We make great soups that taste delicious and nourish you and your family. Soups that combine the fun your kids want with the taste they love. Whether you’re cooking dinner with one of our Great for Cooking soups or eating one of our Classic Favorites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! To create our delicious Campbell’s® Condensed soups, our chefs simply add less water right from the start, so there’s more room for flavor. We start with quality, farm-grown ingredients and cook them to perfection. Easily recognized by the familiar red and white can, Campbell’s® Condensed soups have always been a staple in American pantries.

We’ve grown along with you, and we understand the importance of having options for everyone. Not only do we have your favorite classic flavors, like Chicken Noodle, Tomato and Cream of Mushroom, but we’re always coming up with new flavors and varieties to delight your senses. And when you need to cook to impress, Campbell’s® soup is the secret ingredient to your latest wow-winning dish. No matter where you are or who you’re with, we make sure our classic products always fit into your lifestyle.